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Alex Sink has been busy lately, and no I don’t just mean campaigning with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

She recently created a new task force- and before you navigate away from this page- it actually does something. “We created the ‘Safeguard Our Seniors’ Task Force to identify how our state can better protect seniors from financial threats, starting with annuity fraud,” explained Sink.

And, the program has been a success. WPTV of West Palm Beach sited Sink’s office for helping a local woman get back $217,000 after she prematurely replaced an annuity. Her office also helped two other women, one from New Port Richey and another from Daytona, get back more than $300k each after they’d been scammed.


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Here’s the ad Charlie filmed for John McCain.

Draft Alex is just wondering what the media buy is on that one?

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A quick note about our Cheerleader in Chief’s move yesterday-

After reading all the commentary (see here, here, and even here), the way this whole thing played out sort of strikes me as odd. Again, its not that expanding early voting wasn’t in the public good, it was just a move he made far too late in the game although according to those diaries, still seems to be gettin’ lucky. It’s amazing that we have come to expect so little from Republicans that Charlie impressed people by doing the right thing after the voting already started.

Shouldn’t we demand more from our leaders even if they are Republicans? What’s with all this supposedly Democratic support for Charlie? Do Floridians not remember him rolling over on the environment or his lackluster efforts to improve the economy?

Sorry for not joining in with the chorus – though I suspect I’m not alone and won’t be in two years.

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In case you somehow missed it today- Charlie Crist extended voting hours to ease the congestion of early voters.

Don’t get me wrong, extending the hours to allow more voters to get to the polls before election day is good for everyone, well except for John McCain whose whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ thing must be hard to keep up after looking at the statistics of early voters.

Do we know if this is legal? Marco seems to think it’s not. Hell, this morning, even Charlie thought it wasn’t.

Dan Gelber and others have been warning Charlie about this for weeks- even years.

Charlie’s order today- even though he is finally doing the right thing- wasn’t just a flop, it was down right schizophrenic. The question in our minds is if he’ll choose (or be forced) to shut them down tomorrow.

ps- Who wouldn’t love to be a fly on the wall with Charlie stumping with John McCain tomorrow?

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Adam Smith at the Buzz tips us off on a recent TV appearance by our CFO Alex Sink.

Yesterday, Alex Sink appeared on CNBC with Carl Quintanilla, and he asked her this: “Can you blame the likes of Wayne Huizenga for saying he wants to sell a bigger piece of the Dolphins early because he’s worried about an increase in capital gains taxes (under Obama)?”

Just think for a moment what Charlie would have said. “I love the Dolphins, watch them all the time!” “Wayne Huizenga, good friend of mine!” “Insert any bs response here!”

But, Alex had the following to say:
I’m not worried about Wayne Huizenga. He can certainly take care of himself. I’m worried about the person who works at Dolphin Stadium and the little small businesses who rely on the activities of our sporting franchises here. So let’s get our focus in the right place here. That’s the problem with the McCain message. He’s more worried about Wayne Huizenga than he is worried about the everyday small business owner down in Fort Lauderdale.

Check out the video of her response here.

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It seems that My Safe Florida Home is just the latest in state programming that might meet its maker too soon.

In case you’re out of the loop, My Safe Florida Homes is a program that provides free wind inspections for homeowners as well as helps partner with them to make any repairs needed. In short, it helps make the state a bit safer from a hurricane and also helps the homeowner cut down on their property insurance.

Unfortunately, our Do Nothing Governor has been too busy too extend the funding for the program, which ended in May.

Alex Sink, our Do Something CFO, has been paying attention, and she’s asking the legislature to put an additional $25 million dollars into the program, allowing for 2500 homes to be retrofitted and give 100k more homes a free wind inspection.

Thanks, Alex. At least someone is doing their job in Tallahassee.

Learn more about the program here.

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Playing poker with Charlie Crist should be fun, after having his staff beat up on McCain and worry about “Crist-Obama” voters. Charlie went all in today, according to The Buzz:

I think Sen. McCain’s going to win regardless. I really do.

So after a couple weeks of Charlie’s trademark waffling (see: here, here, here, and of course, here) he went all in McCain winning in Florida. Its a little like going all in holding King high with the other guy showing an Ace.

There is no doubt Charlie will lose this bet — but just how much will he lose? Will Charlie welch on his bet and skip McCain events as the election closes like he did with Bush? Will he try and hedge his bet by ordering his staff to continue to leak doubts to reporters?

Only time will tell … but maybe Charlie and John’s mutual friend and war profiteer Harry Sargeantcan make sure Charlie stays all in.

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