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Lawson Throws Down

boydheadshotFirst, a bit of background: Congressman Allen Boyd from North Florida was potentially thinking about running for US Senate. He’s decided to forgo the race to concentrate on the myriad of issues now coming before the House. Boyd’s been rifling some feathers lately: voting against the Democrats on the infamous stimulus package. He’s also heading up the conservative coalition of Democrats known as the Blue Dogs. But, Boyd has served his district well for twelve years now, and no matter what anyone says, has more than earned respect from us at DraftAlex.

It seems though that State Senator Al Lawson, the Democratic leader in that body, has decided to primary challenge Congressman Boyd. You can check it out on the Palm Beach Post.

Look, any Democrat has the right to primary challenge anyone, even someone in their own party. Lawson- it should be noted- is term limited in the state senate and will be out of a job come 2010. Congressman Boyd has gotten some often deserved, often undeserved flack for being one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. But, like I said, he’s got our support here at DraftAlex, and I’d be surprised if we don’t see Allen Boyd rocking out in the US House well after the 2010 election.


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After neglecting DraftAlex.com for long enough, we’re making our triumphant return. And, let me say, it’s been a crazy few months. On the Senate front alone: Boyd is out, Meek and Gelber are in. Alex Sink is running for re-election as CFO, deciding to forgo this cycle.

But, is it over? Of course not, people. This is Florida after all.

Mr. Crist has decided he might possibly maybe like to think about potentially running for Senate, just to keep things interesting. That means that Marco Rubio and Connie Mack might need to find a new hobby instead of imagining themselves in the Senate.  I’ll leave my rant about him skipping out on our state in a time of need for later and just say this:

If Charlie does decide to make a run for it (right out of Florida, errr I mean for the Senate), please Alex, give a second thought about governor. Florida needs a smart lady like you.

Oh and formally, welcome back kids.

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