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0610wilma425On Nov. 21- right before Thanksgiving- the state got the final economic breakdown about Florida’s revenue future- and it was not something to give thanks for. If you haven’t heard, check out this morning’s St. Pete Times or Miami Herald.

The short story is that the state bet on a high growth rate, but because of the economy, that growth rate just doesn’t exist anymore. The state will be short more than $31 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B, people) in revenue that it expected over the next four years just won’t exist.

Problem? I think so. But, apparently, platitudes are supposed to get me through the hard times. Charlie Crist, Cheerleader in Chief, had this to say in response…

Florida will probably come out of it first. I mean, the sun always comes up in Florida first.”

Well, thanks Charlie, I’ll be sure to file that under the “are you effing kidding me” category. First, let’s start with Florida isn’t the eastern most state, so the sun doesn’t come up first here. But, more importantly, platitudes aren’t going to help; this isn’t leadership. Florida is facing a huge crisis here, and this doesn’t exactly boost my morale, let alone the state economy.

But, at least Alex Sink is paying attention. Alex understands that unfortunately the state banked on a high growth rate, that’s dwindling, and she responded to the numbers saying the following:

We can’t rely any more on attracting fixed-income retirees from up north and selling them cheap land…Those days are over.”

Ah, leadership. Understanding of the issues. How I miss yee.

Florida should be demanding more; we certainly need leadership that befits such a great state.


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DraftAlex is back from Thanksgiving, but not without a bit of a headache. Though part of it was most definitely caused by traffic and maybe a bit of Turkery (read: tryptophan) overload, most of it was because of this:

“But, Charlie Crist is so popular…”

While discussing politics with my family, that phrase was uttered by Democrat and Republican alike. No one said that Charlie had done such a stand-up job that they were definitely going to vote for him in 2010. No one said that they particularly liked his handling of any issue or problem in the state. Not one person- including my die-hard Republican relatives- thought that he was leading the state in the right direction. So, what’s going on?

You’ve read DraftAlex’s rants on this before, but seriously, why is Charlie Crist’s “popularity” keeping people from looking for a better option, like say Alex Sink? Why aren’t we demanding more for our state? Why is everyone just OK with the job Charlie is doing?

Here’s my deal: his support is softer than it seems. Only 50% think that he deserves to be reelected, even though 68% approve. Democrats can beat him. We need to stop being so defeatist about his supposed popularity and start demanding real answers and solutions for the issues facing Florida- answers and solutions Charlie just isn’t giving us.

Florida is a great state, and I, for one, am not content with settling. But, with the only response being “he’s so popular”, you cannot tell me that I’m the only one.

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Grand Old White Party?

So, everyone I know is all jazzed about the record high registration numbers for Democrats. It’s great to see this increased interest in politics, but also the Democratic party. And, let’s be honest, many of these new registrants will be the ones to thank when Obama wins Florida.

But, after looking at all the new registration statistics, it is a little concerning, at least to this politico. If you haven’t heard about the 430k new registrants, here is the Cliffs Notes.  Alex points it out why this should all be a bit concerning in this article.

‘It will be interesting to see how the Republican Party remakes itself,” she said. “Is it it going to be a party of all white people? I don’t want that. It will mean we’re divided along lines of race.”

The point is is that the Republican Party has unfortunately become the party of the white man. But, the Democratic party includes everyone. The party make up reflects the state itself, with strong increased African American and Hispanic support. As a side note for my purposes here: Davis only tied Crist in Hispanics and only won African Americans by 81%. Times, they are a changing- especially with a candidate like Alex.

So, looking to 2010- these new registrants will ensure more Democratic victories, especially after the redistricting battles in 2012. Don’t expect that to be anything like a bloodless revolution.

Speaking of redistricting and increased voter registration, check out this article. Its an unfortunate reminder that Democrats still won’t control Tallahassee after this election and still have a great deal of work in the next few years.

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