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SP_284833_HO_Crist.jpgNot to reminisce about the completely unfounded Charlie Crist-gay rumors from 2006, but this is one of those [insert obvious joke here] moments.

From the Palm Beach Post,

In the wake of Florida’s new constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, the editor of GaySoFla.com is helping activist group Impact Florida organize a peaceful protest of Gov. Charlie Crist’s “constitutionally protected” marriage on Dec. 12 to Carol Rome.

But, DraftAlex is sure that those protesters are just there to “live and let live,” (see our post here on his complete bs maneuvering of Amendment 2) and to wish the couple best wishes for their nuptials. It’s totally something like that.

Charlie, didn’t your mother ever tell you what goes around comes around? You can’t work to deny someone a right that you then decide to exercise and not expect to at least be called out for it.


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