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After neglecting DraftAlex.com for long enough, we’re making our triumphant return. And, let me say, it’s been a crazy few months. On the Senate front alone: Boyd is out, Meek and Gelber are in. Alex Sink is running for re-election as CFO, deciding to forgo this cycle.

But, is it over? Of course not, people. This is Florida after all.

Mr. Crist has decided he might possibly maybe like to think about potentially running for Senate, just to keep things interesting. That means that Marco Rubio and Connie Mack might need to find a new hobby instead of imagining themselves in the Senate.  I’ll leave my rant about him skipping out on our state in a time of need for later and just say this:

If Charlie does decide to make a run for it (right out of Florida, errr I mean for the Senate), please Alex, give a second thought about governor. Florida needs a smart lady like you.

Oh and formally, welcome back kids.


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SP_284833_HO_Crist.jpgNot to reminisce about the completely unfounded Charlie Crist-gay rumors from 2006, but this is one of those [insert obvious joke here] moments.

From the Palm Beach Post,

In the wake of Florida’s new constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, the editor of GaySoFla.com is helping activist group Impact Florida organize a peaceful protest of Gov. Charlie Crist’s “constitutionally protected” marriage on Dec. 12 to Carol Rome.

But, DraftAlex is sure that those protesters are just there to “live and let live,” (see our post here on his complete bs maneuvering of Amendment 2) and to wish the couple best wishes for their nuptials. It’s totally something like that.

Charlie, didn’t your mother ever tell you what goes around comes around? You can’t work to deny someone a right that you then decide to exercise and not expect to at least be called out for it.

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0610wilma425On Nov. 21- right before Thanksgiving- the state got the final economic breakdown about Florida’s revenue future- and it was not something to give thanks for. If you haven’t heard, check out this morning’s St. Pete Times or Miami Herald.

The short story is that the state bet on a high growth rate, but because of the economy, that growth rate just doesn’t exist anymore. The state will be short more than $31 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B, people) in revenue that it expected over the next four years just won’t exist.

Problem? I think so. But, apparently, platitudes are supposed to get me through the hard times. Charlie Crist, Cheerleader in Chief, had this to say in response…

Florida will probably come out of it first. I mean, the sun always comes up in Florida first.”

Well, thanks Charlie, I’ll be sure to file that under the “are you effing kidding me” category. First, let’s start with Florida isn’t the eastern most state, so the sun doesn’t come up first here. But, more importantly, platitudes aren’t going to help; this isn’t leadership. Florida is facing a huge crisis here, and this doesn’t exactly boost my morale, let alone the state economy.

But, at least Alex Sink is paying attention. Alex understands that unfortunately the state banked on a high growth rate, that’s dwindling, and she responded to the numbers saying the following:

We can’t rely any more on attracting fixed-income retirees from up north and selling them cheap land…Those days are over.”

Ah, leadership. Understanding of the issues. How I miss yee.

Florida should be demanding more; we certainly need leadership that befits such a great state.

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DraftAlex is back from Thanksgiving, but not without a bit of a headache. Though part of it was most definitely caused by traffic and maybe a bit of Turkery (read: tryptophan) overload, most of it was because of this:

“But, Charlie Crist is so popular…”

While discussing politics with my family, that phrase was uttered by Democrat and Republican alike. No one said that Charlie had done such a stand-up job that they were definitely going to vote for him in 2010. No one said that they particularly liked his handling of any issue or problem in the state. Not one person- including my die-hard Republican relatives- thought that he was leading the state in the right direction. So, what’s going on?

You’ve read DraftAlex’s rants on this before, but seriously, why is Charlie Crist’s “popularity” keeping people from looking for a better option, like say Alex Sink? Why aren’t we demanding more for our state? Why is everyone just OK with the job Charlie is doing?

Here’s my deal: his support is softer than it seems. Only 50% think that he deserves to be reelected, even though 68% approve. Democrats can beat him. We need to stop being so defeatist about his supposed popularity and start demanding real answers and solutions for the issues facing Florida- answers and solutions Charlie just isn’t giving us.

Florida is a great state, and I, for one, am not content with settling. But, with the only response being “he’s so popular”, you cannot tell me that I’m the only one.

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n689468099_962883_7922It’s pretty obvious that people are hoping that Alex Sink tosses her hat in the ring or higher office. The question we hope she’s facing right now is which one: Senate or Guvna?

There are perhaps a few too many calls for Alex Sink to be our Senate nominee.  This morning, Blast Off! even called for her to run for Senate and forget about the governor’s mansion.

Here at Draft Alex Sink for Governor the bias is pretty obvious. But, think for a second about why running for Senate wouldn’t be as good as a move.

First, just in terms of personality and experience, Alex is perfectly suited to be governor. She’s been an executive- and that’s what a governor theoretically does (just don’t look to Charlie for an example). Dan Gelber, Bob Wexler, Allen Boyd- these men are legislators- damn good ones, if I may. Their skills and interests fit the profile of a Senator more than Alex’s do.

There is a crowded bench already. Alex would have to compete with the likes of Dan Gelber and Chris Korge, maybe Allen Boyd, or even Bob Wexler. Those are some serious players, who could all represent the state well and some will run if she gets in or not. Alex could win the primary and the general, but why go for Senate to when the bench is already so deep, so good.

Winning the senate seat back is going to be tougher than we imagine. Sure, it looks a lot easier than beating Charlie does, but we’re two years out from the election- things change. Charlie should start to look more like a do-nothing, and Mel Martinez might decide to gracefully bow out, leaving the Republicans to nominate someone who could give us more of a challenge. In short, get excited about another Democratic senator, but don’t bet money on it just yet.

While there’s a crowded bench for Senate, there is literally no bench for governor- outside Alex Sink. If Democrats want to stop losing the state, then we can’t cede races like the 2010 gubernatorial. We need to not only nominate a candidate, but we need to nominate a good one. Right now, no other Democrat is really dipping the proverbial toe in the water- no one, not even Rod Smith.

And, there’s my peace.

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The Buzz is reporting that on his Karl Rove wannabe weekly report — LeMieux says the special session is going to happen in December or January and that raising taxes is on the table.

Of course, Charlie is still silent – preferring platitudes like “tighten our belts” (read:means massive cuts in health care, education, and programs for the disabled). So, LiMieux’s mutterings are the closest thing to an indication about what Charlie will do.

Let’s rewind to the end of the 2006 campaign when Crist campaigned in the homestretch using this simple line:

If you want higher taxes, you vote for who? Jim Davis, If you want lower taxes, you vote for who? Charlie Crist.

Economic crises lead to a change of plans there is no question abaout it – but this was a signature issue for him. What is Charlie going to do?

There is no question something has to be done about the revenue situation, but raising sales taxes in a bad economy will just mean less consumer spending and less revenue. A tobacco tax is a decent idea – but it puts state programs dependent on a declining revenue stream. There are not a lot of good choices – so we really do need to get to work.

A guy who doesn’t work for Charlie anymore is updating Floridians on what is going to happen better than the Governor — it’s time to get to work and fix our budget.

So where is Charlie? He got to work at noon today and has nothing scheduled for the rest of the week.

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Alex Sink called for a special session, and here at DraftAlex, we’re backing her up.

In case you don’t know about the myriad of projects that would be cut or just deleted from the state budget, you can go online to the Florida Fiscal Portal and check it out. Each state agency has submitted their proposed cuts, which can be seen under Sechedule VIIB-2, in order to comply with the additional 10% of the across the board budget cuts asked for by Charlie.

Here’s a few that chafed my ass the most:

  • No more Amber alerts or sexual predator unit
  • Eliminate 13 state law enforcement offices from Broward to Gainsville
  • Reduction of probation supervision by 40% making the probation officer to parolee ration 1:196
  • Cut contracts that improve nursing homes and organ and tissue donation programs
  • Eliminate health coverage for poor pregnant mothers and their kids
  • Eliminate vision, hearing, and dental appointments from Medicare
  • Dramatically reduced support for Pre-K
  • Significant reduction in investigative services and child protection at DCFS
  • $65 Million in funding shifts in Medicare to local governments who don’t have the money either
  • Reduction of unemployment services for over 88,000 Floridans out-of-work including closing 10 centers

and the kicker: From the Office of the Governor, eliminate 10 budget workers.

At least a lot of this has to be approved by the legislature, although that means we have to count on them to stand up for us.

On Friday, Charlie said, “These are historically challenging economic times our state is facing, but just like Florida’s families, we will continue to tighten our belts and live within our means.”

Are you kidding me? This isn’t just about tightening the state’s belt, this is about not getting the water shut off.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, sign our petition to call for a special session to back up Alex and other state Democrats.

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